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wang lao ji health

Wang Lao Ji herbal tea

Thursday,May 24, 2018
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About Us
 Hi, dear manager,  
Wang Laoji trading here, exports our product with good quality and low price in all around the world.  Now we recruit international agent to popularize for our product. Our product—Wang Laoji has established in the year of 1828, it has inherited over 180 years. We are uniqueness Wang Lao Ji herbal tea. Welcome your enquiry!!!
The information of Wang Lao Ji:
l   Our brand is an international brand, and the brand image of us is over 100 billion.
l   Our ads claim is easy to remember and unique—Afraid of inflamed? Drink Wang Lao Ji herbal tea.(Wang Lao Ji good for health)
l   There are two uniform packaging selling, 6-pack film wrapping and 24-pack color carton. And all of them is two-piece can.
l   We have sold our product in 88 countries, including Singapore, America, Japan, Thailand, Brazil and so on.
l   China governmen... [More Information]
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